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Classroom Seminar

Mortgage Surveys

Florida Course Number 9555

(6 continuing education credits)

8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS (FL, AL, SC), CFM

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Mortgage Surveys, a classroom seminar for Florida Surveyors, focuses on surveys used by mortgage lenders to make decisions about lending funds for the purchase of residential and commercial properties.  Historically the type of surveys used by lenders in Florida to make these decisions were called boundary surveys.  Surveyors all over the State of Florida make surveys for lenders.  Recent revisions made in the wording of boundary survey standards in Florida have made boundary surveys a very topical subject.  The revisions have brought to light the complexities involved in performing a boundary survey.  Survey procedures used in making a mortgage survey should be examined due to this apparent awakening regarding boundary surveys.  This seminar will thoroughly explore the subject of mortgage surveys with the Florida Mortgage Surveyor in mind.


Seminar Topics Include:

· Defining the term “Mortgage Survey”

· Mortgage Lenders

· Title Insurance for Mortgage Purposes

· Mortgage Survey vs. Boundary Survey

· Mortgage Survey Standards & Procedures

· Mortgage Surveys for Unimproved or Improved Property

· Mortgage Surveys for Construction

· Mortgage Survey Problems Unique to Florida

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Dates & Locations

Sanford, FL — Sept. 24, 2019

Comfort Inn & Suites

590 Ava Ct., Sanford, FL


West Palm Beach, FL — Oct. 1, 2019

Hampton Inn & Suites

2025 Vista Pkwy