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Classroom Seminar

Ordinary High Water Mark Within Boundary Survey Practice

Florida Course Number 9746

(6 continuing education credits)

8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS (FL, AL, SC), CFM

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Ordinary High Water Mark Within Boundary Survey Practice, is a classroom seminar about surveying the ordinary high water mark as an essential element in many Florida boundary surveys. An ordinary high water line methodology which addresses the applicable aspects of locating and identifying the line will be discussed. Topics will include, relevant Florida case law, historic research, field indicators, navigability test, and survey methods.


Seminar Topics Include:

̃ Non-Tidal Water Boundary Issues

̃ Sovereignty Submerged Lands

̃ Navigability

̃ Ordinary High Water Mark

̃ Ordinary High Water Mark Indicators

̃ Soil Indicators

̃ Vegetation Indicators

̃ Community Rating System

̃ Geomorphic Indicators

̃ Hydrologic Indicators

̃ Ordinary High Water Line Delineation Methodology

̃ Historic Research of Water levels

̃ Historic Land Use Records Relative to Topography

̃ Location of Field Indicators

̃ Survey Procedures


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Dates & Locations

Ocala, FL — Oct. 15, 2019

Equus Inn—3434 SW College Road

Fort Myers, FL — Oct. 22, 2019

La Quinta & Suites—(Near airport)

9521 Market Place Road


Fort Pierce, FL — Nov. 12, 2019

Hampton Inn & Suites

1985 Reynolds Drive